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He had a dual role, serving as both a priest and working directly in the law courts and justice system.

The "Priest of Ma’at" began court hearings whilst wearing the feather of Ma’at and all other court officials wore small golden images of the goddess as a sign of their judicial authority, also as a symbol that their judgement would be balanced and fair.

It was believed that any crimes committed against Ma’at should be written down as they could easily be forgiven.

In the Hall of Ma’at is where the judgement of the dead was performed in which Ma’at played an important role.

Priests drew the Feather of Ma’at on their tongues with green dye, so that the words they spoke were truth.

It was considered a crime against Ma’at if a person engaged in jealousy, dishonesty, gluttony, laziness, injustice, and ungratefulness.Created by an unknown artist C.1300 BC ( The Book of the Dead is a collection of funerary texts and spells from ancient Egypt designed to assist a person's journey through the underworld, into the afterlife.Without these spells, it was believed a person could not proceed.In the book is a spell called the “Forty-Two Declarations of Purity” or the “Negative Confessions”.This spell is comprised of confessions the tomb owner believed he committed throughout his life.

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A common symbol associated with her is an ostrich feather, which she is almost always shown as wearing in her hair.

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