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Team fortress 2 always updating

Ratchet saved Drift's life, and told the young robot that he could achieve great things in his life if he tried— he could just tell Drift was destined for something special.

Drift would soon learn what that was, after Gasket was killed by Autobot law enforcement after trying to stop them from executing a thief.

He discarded his ruthless ways, abandoned his guns for swords, and changed his name and appearance.

When Drift returned to the Transformer war to make right what he put wrong, he was a bot of few words and disciplined action.

Turmoil used a stasis lock to trap him in robot mode and attempted to execute him.

Deadlock managed to escape, and after initiating an emergency protocol to cover his escape, stole an escape pod and departed the ship. After scaling some, he found a massive structure, but before he could explore, a mysterious cloaked figure appeared, named Wing.

Megatron singled Drift out of the crowd, claiming to have heard great things of him, and asked him to join the Decepticons to fight for a better Cybertron.

An ancient weapon that predates modern civilization, the Great Sword draws upon the spark energy of its bearer, and as such must only be used in the most dire of circumstances. And us—the Decepticons have become something worse than any of us could have imagined. During one drug trip in the Dead End, he was assaulted by Sonic and Boom, who were abducting homeless people for money.

Drift was rescued by Orion Pax, who brought him to Ratchet's secret clinic in Rodion.

Wing offered a deal: help him free the slaves, and he would find Deadlock a ship.

Deadlock, introducing himself as "Drift," agreed, but first Drift said he needed guns.

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