Teenage girls dating older men

Posted by / 10-Aug-2017 20:22

Eventually, he realizes they have nothing in common, and he will be off to look for another relationship with substance he believes he might find in another younger woman.Older men may say they feel younger, but dating younger women won't make them younger.Younger women and girls, she says, are afraid of turning down advances from older influential men; so, they go against their will more often than not."The man is wealthy, powerful and has promised you whatever you need.She observes that such arrangements are not limited to schools and underage girls.

These, according to the website, are all the stereotypical reasons that come to mind when some people think of why older men love to date younger women.

Consequently, men get bored in their own homes and decide to look for such young girls who are not busy at all," she says.

"In fact, such men are just looking for a pain killer." Kyomuhangi adds that younger girls usually fall prey to such older and wealthier men because they (girls) are easily enticed with expensive lifestyles they can hardly toil for.

According to Senyonyi, it doesn't matter whether they are over 18 years of age or not.

They can still be taken advantage of because they are naïve.

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He literally has your future in his hands," says Senyonyi.