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Twitch has never tolerated streamers using these words during broadcasts, and the company has tried to crack down on hateful language — including when used in jokes — since introducing a new set of community guidelines in February.All of that helps to explain why Destiny received a 30-day ban a few days ago.Alfie, a popular streamer who was banned a couple of weeks ago for streaming copyrighted music from rapper Juice Wrld, has also been reprimanded for objectionable conduct.Alfie received a 24-hour ban on July 2 for hateful chat that occurred in his unmonitored Twitch chat.Alfie addressed the incident on Twitter, apologizing for his chat, and promising to keep a better eye on it in the future alongside his moderators. The company is holding its streamers accountable not only for what they say, but also for what their community members say on chat.

This site like omegle now provides a mobile application which lets to chat on mobile devices.Twitch’s community guidelines do address situations like this, adding that severity and intent will be taken into consideration when bans are handed out.Twitch will consider a number of factors to determine the intent and context of any reported hateful conduct.Creators should consider the consequences of their statements and actions of their audiences; we ask that you make a good faith effort to quell any efforts from those in your community to harass others.The ban wave has kickstarted a conversation in the community, with many streamers like Destiny considering moving their content to You Tube, which is slightly more liberal with its streaming conduct.

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On the other hand, just as you protect your children from dangers in the "real" world, you must be aware of the possible dangers that tempt naive and trusting children, especially teenagers, into dangerous situations.