Updating bios in windows xp

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Finally, you are presented with information regarding your computer's current BIOS state versus that of the loaded update.Once you've verified that the obtained BIOS version is accurate, you can commit to the process by clicking the "Flash" button from the lower part of the main window.For driver updates, check the web site of the manufacturer of the specific hardware. Since you don't give any specifics, you can't expect specific answers.-- Doug Knox, MS-MVP Windows Media Center\Windows Powered Smart Display\Security Win 95/98/Me/XP Tweaks and Fixes Per user Group Policy Restrictions for XP Home and XP Pro Please reply only to the newsgroup so all may benefit. "Bruce" Bruce Do NOT attempt a BIOS change unless you have a very good reason so to do.. Now that I have upgraded to Windows 7, I cannot use Gateways driver updates [for Vista] because they won't install.

The motherboard manufacturers often provide you with these tools that can make the task very easy.Gigabyte also provides many tools for their motherboards.One of these tools is @BIOS which works for all the Gigabyte motherboards and inspite of the name can also upgrade the UEFI.The Win Flash Utility is used to locally flash the System BIOS (ROM) on notebooks/laptops operating in a Microsoft Windows XP or Microsoft Windows Vista environment.A relatively older computer of mine had been showing some signs of USB related problems.

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