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The Pro Boat Blackjack 9 may fall short for some hardcore boaters, but if you are a beginner RC user or have children, the Blackjack 9 may just be the boat for you.

It's extremely portable, has great handling and is one of the easiest boats to set up.

It was able power through choppy water caused by boats and jet skis at a mid-sized reservoir, but this boat would probably struggle in larger, rougher bodies of water, especially if it was windy. At a nearby reservoir, it handled the water fine, albeit slower and not as well as other RC boats.

Also, the Blackjack 9 had a longer run time in the pool than it did at the reservoir.

A small stand is also included that you can use to showcase your boat when it's not in use. They also sell replacement parts that you can order online or by phone.

If you need support or your boat malfunctions, you have several various ways to reach the manufacturer.

Poor battery life is this small boat's largest downfall. It had an easy set up, and the battery took two hours to fully charge.Pursuant to Ordinance 729, a conditional certificate of occupancy is not allowed unless it is for exterior seasonal repairs. A group of not more than three (3) persons who need not be related by blood, marriage, adoption or foster care relationship, living together as a single non-profit housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit; or 4.Two (2) unrelated individuals plus the biological, adopted or foster children of either such individuals, living together as a single, non-profit housekeeping unit in a dwelling unit.You can do so by email, telephone, or post on the manufacturer's online forums and social media accounts.Online, you'll be able to find You Tube videos with action footage as well as a downloadable instruction manual.

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