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Magnesium, thanks for taking up the mantle and continuing this fine project. I have even turned off the firewall, temporally, on the plex server but still can't get plexbmc to connect.

Currently the best supported Ple XBMC-enabled skin is Amber.

This way I can also install sideloaded apps over LAN, from app backup folders on one of my PCs. Just transfer to somewhere you can access through XBMC and install the zip that way.

Thanks, yeah, I was just about to reply here to say that I got it sorted out.

Fortunately, that encoding method seems to be pretty rare.

The main downside for me is the lack of 24Hz support, which could be a bit of a deal-killer for me, at least for my main viewing room which is equipped with a front-projector and huge screen. So what's the status of the Quartz skin and Gotham?

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As that wiki indicated, there is an adb "push" command that you can use to transfer files over to it.

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