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Validating identity firewalled

Instead I had drifted into a convenient assumption of how things were.We have a bunch of local programs for managing our fileservers.

) In one way this is depressing; it means that the era of many Unixes and many Unix-like OSes flourishing is over.Not only is the cost of departing from Unix too high, but so is the cost of reimplementing it and possibly even keeping up with the leading implementations.The Unixes we have today are likely to be the only Unixes we ever have, and probably not all of them are going to survive over the long term (and that's apart from the commercial ones that are on life support today, like Solaris).The flipside of this is why I think people are probably going to keep using current Unixes in the future instead of creating new Unix-like OSes or Unix OSes.To a large extent, the potential value in departing from current Unixes lies in doing things differently at some API level, and once you depart from the API you're fighting the durable power of the Unix API.

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One of the things these programs do is manipulate NFS exports options, so that we can have a configuration file that sets general share options and then allows us to specify that specific filesystems extend them, with convenient syntax, eg: This means that /h/281 should be exported read-write to the AAA netgroup as well as the usual main netgroup for our own machines.