Whm disk usage not updating

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There, you will see some presets you can enable to bulk-change the server’s security.

A standard option is to set the Firewall default security to ‘medium’.

When the value of this option is set to “0”, unlimited requests will be allowed on the server.

For server performance, it’s recommended to allow unlimited requests.

Defaults When you first install CFS, you’ll need to alter the default settings.

The quickest way to get started is to head to the Firewall Configuration page from the CFS main menu.

There you can access the plugins control center and have the ability to control your security.

Today we’re going to look over some tips you can take in perfecting your web-management service in order to truly impress your clients.

There are a few factors that are important for any virtual service, these are security, speed, and ease of use.

Check server Security Another thing you can do to further secure your server is access the “check server security” option in the main menu.

There will show a list of tips generated by the plugin that you can take in order to improve security on your server.

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To enable Keep-Alive connections in Apache 1.2 and later, set Keep Alive On.

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