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Vinegar residues were found in urns from ancient Egypt and have been traced to 3000 BC.

The French vintners formed a guild of master vinegar makers.The Japanese samurai believed drinking a rice vinegar drink would boost their strength and they drank it regularly.Vinegar throughout history has been useful to everyday soldiers. The addition of vinegar to their drinking water had the additional benefit of killing any infectious agents that might have been present.In the New Testament a sponge soaked in vinegar was held to the parched lips of Jesus to help ease his thirst when he was hanging on the cross During the Black Plague, from 1347 to 1771 doctors rubbed vinegar infused with essential oils and herbs all-over their bodies, when tending to the contagious sick.They also used it inside their cloaks to inhale for their protection.

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In the 18th century vinegar-soaked sponges were held to the nose to offset the foal odor of raw sewage and the lack of indoor plumbing.

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