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You know, it all what I call 'stage one-super romantic love.' That's the way they saw it.

In their earlier lives they’ve been abused either by their parents, their fathers, their first husbands, their boyfriends, whatever. And every single woman I interviewed had been abused in the past and that's what I found out. ATTN: What were the demographics of the women you interviewed? ATTN: Did the women feel satisfied in their relationships with inmates?

Isenberg: We live in a society where we have people who are famous for being famous, like the Kardashians.

And when I wrote the book we didn't even have people like that. Since then we've had a whole slew of people who are famous for being famous.

They’ve been sexually abused, psychologically, emotionally abused. And when you’re in a relationship with a man in prison. Isenberg: They came from all different backgrounds, different socioeconomic classes, different levels of education. Isenberg: The women were generally as they described it, madly in love, desperately in love.

They were highly educated women—one woman had a Ph. They had fallen in love in a way that made them not see the world around them anymore.

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Charm, intelligence, a solid career are all things women typically look for in a partner.

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